I take submissions from young authors! If you are under the age of sixteen, and your book is not professionally published, I can read it. If it’s a short story or poem, and under four-thousand words, I’ll pick something every fortnight to post. If it’s a novel, I might just review it!

Send me…

Everything must be either suitable for young adults or children. If its adult fiction, there are plenty of good review sites that could read your work, but mine is not one of them. I read all genres within children’s and YA, however, I particularly enjoy;

~ Science Fiction

~ Fantasy

~ Humour/Satire

Don’t send me….

Bear in mind that I am twelve years old. I am a good reader, so harder works shouldn’t be a problem. However, I won’t read books that are peppered with uncouth vocabulary, or are primarily romance.

If the only adjective you can think of to describe your main character is hot, I will probably not review your work.

Formats I Accept…

~ Read only word documents

~ Read only Google documents

~ eBooks (I have a Kobo eReader)

~ Figment or Wattpad stories

Send me an email:



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