NaNoWriMo Day 17: A Soul Crushingly Short Update

I am happy to announce that I was able to delete the first draft of this post! I began writing a sombre post, about how today marked a dark day in 2015 NaNoWriMo history; the first day I fell behind. However, I was struck down by an acute bout of Inspiration, and proceeded to take part in a 1k30min challenge, where I wrote 1321 words. I did one of these this morning as well, where I wrote 1318, so I surpassed my record by 3 words, and together with some random short sprints, I wrote 3307 words, putting me ahead! I started the day with 25.3k, and ended with 28.6k! My NaNo stats now displays a calming “At this rate you will finish on: November 30” although I suspect this will change and I might just win earlier. Today I handed in my personal project (last year I did my blog for this!) so I can now write way more! *hands you party hat* The goal for tomorrow is 30006 words, which was my goal for the entire month of November last year. I also realised, looking at old stats, that today, my wordcount is as high as it was on November the 29th last year. I’ve grown! Anyway, today has no real substance, because I’m exhausted from writing 3.3k in a collective one hour, and presenting my whole project. Tomorrow, look forward to a post packed with sparkling wit and a treasure trove of information, as I explore “How To Not Suck At NaNoWriMo”. Mark it on your calendar!



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