A Disappointingly Short Update

I know you’ve been looking for me. I’ve sensed, this past month, that the overall mood in the world is melancholy, which can only be put down to the fact that I haven’t posted forever. Where have I been? You’ve checked the library, and, um…. any other places I occasionally find myself. I’m nowhere!

I’ve been here the whole time, flailing in October over lack of ideas for this years NaNoWrimo (I’ve happily taken part since 2012, achieving 2k in 2012 *facepalm* and 11k in 2013. Those failures have been hidden away in the dark dusty corner of my hard drive. This is the first year I have prepared, and that I have an idea that I like. I also have found some momentum so I can’t slow down!) and I’ve been dutifully tapping away at my computer keys for today. I’m aiming for 38k words, but I have no idea how much I’ll be able to write. NaNoWrimo officially started here 21 hours ago, but I’ve been writing for about…. two solid hours in total? I’m at 1.2k, and I’ll be rising early tomorrow morning to bump that up to 1.6k before breakfast, and then I have no idea where the day will take me.

So yes, that’s where I’ve been, equal parts flailing and writing dazedly (actually, thats a lie. Probably 90% flailing)

I hope to get up a new post sometime tomorrow? I’ve also written ‘POST ON BLOG!’ in a guilt inducing red eight times on this months calendar, so maybe Christmas will come early for my doting fans as I churn out flawless post after posts, at regular intervals throughout the month.


Enjoy NaNoWrimo if you’re taking part, and enjoy your sanity if you aren’t.

P.S: If you’re wondering, I’m writing a fantasy novel about Daedalus’s labyrinth and some vengeful Greek gods. Also, quite a lot of sarcasm. 

P.P.S: If I succeed, I can see myself editing all through December and possibly early January, after which I may consider serialising my literary masterpiece on here!



5 responses to “A Disappointingly Short Update

  1. Awesome! Good to see you back. Not that I’ve really commented on your blog much, but…hmm, maybe that’ll change. 😀

    I’m doing NaNo this year, too. Boy, it’s harder than I remember it being… hehe.

  2. You need to sign up to NaBloWrimo so you get some blog posts written. Yes, this doesn’t exist yet, but give it time.

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