Two Birds With One Stone

I’ve won another two awards! The Liebster (again) and The Beautiful Blogger Award. This is obviously a testament to my greatness. All jokes aside, thanks to The Sleepy Booknerd for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award, and to Kiwi for nominating me for the Liebster. Gosh, my blog is getting so popular that my sidebar will soon be nothing but a jumble of awards!


The social construct provided by the Gods Of Blog Awards say that I must link back to the person who nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger, copy the award logo, and nominate seven other bloggers and write a little bit about why I like their blog. I’ll only nominate two, because I also have to nominate for the Leibster, and I don’t know that many bloggers.

1. Musings From Neville’s Navel. I am forever indebted to Engie for inspiring me to begin my own blog. I will always aspire to be as witty, nerdy, and good-at-writing as Engie. Have an award, why don’t you? 😛

2. Feed Me Books Now. Though Engie was the one who inspired me to begin a blog, Ruby was the one who inspired me to make that blog a book blog. Thanks Ruby!

Now, onto the Leibster. Here are the rules…

Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

List 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers.
Ask them 11 questions.
Let them know about the nomination.

Thanks (again) to Kiwi for nominating me.

11 Facts About Myself….

1. I draw the same pattern on everything. The first time I drew it was also the first time I’d hand-drawn anything aesthetically pleasing. So I didn’t stop.


2. I was going to be called Harriet, until my cousin rudely stole my name.

3. Harry Potter has been with me for over half my life-time.

4. People chewing food (whilst simultaneously breathing heavily) make me nauseous. Don’t do that.

5. I named my cat after Ginny Weasley.

6. I only joined the library 2 years ago, though I have been a reader since THE BEGINNING OF TIME.

7. I have a penchant for high fantasy or science fiction featuring sarcastic characters and beautiful writing.

8. An alarming volume of books I check out from the library get returned unread, which makes me anxious.

9. I am a nerdfighter, and fond of SciShow.

10. I enjoy slaughtering classical music on the oboe.

11. I have a double jointed pinky!


Do you have an all-time favorite character (from book or movie/TV show)?

It changes daily. Don’t ask. 

If so, who is it?  If not, list your top five favorite characters.

Eowyn, from Lord of the Rings. Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory. Iron Man, from the Avengers. Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. And of course, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

Do you have a pet-peeve about what other people do with their writing?  (Disorganization, missing commas that should be obvious, etc.)  Or am I the only person who has these? 

‘As you know, blah blah blah blah,’ to explain events the happened before the commencement of the story. Or, ‘As I was telling you yesterday, blah blah.’ Excuse me while i thROW UP. 

What was the last book you read? 

Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell. 

Did you enjoy it?

Yes! I really need to get my hands on Eleanor and Park after that. But alas, I’m 11th in line at the library. 

Do you like the number six?

I have no data to suggest I shouldn’t, so I remain neutral. 

Have you ever had someone like a post you posted about a second after you posted it, meaning there is no way they read anything you wrote?

Yes. But they were on short posts so it was actually feasible that a fast reader could have read through it.

Are there any words you use an awful lot?  Maybe even excessively?

Ache. I like that word. And coil, which I love simply for the fact that it can be one syllable OR two. I find the concept fascinating. 

Which do you prefer, sunrise or sunset?

Sunrise. Because its a lot braver than sunset. 

To sort-of copy a question from Robyn’s award, is your handwriting legible?

It depends what instrument I’m using. Definitely when using a pen, but with a pencil anyone could mistake my handwriting for that of a poorly co-ordinated six year old. 

On a scale of one to ten, how boring were these questions?  (One being the most boring things you’ve ever read, and ten being only moderately boring.)

10! They gave me something to do. 


My own questions… (I’ll take my own from my previous Liebster Award, as I made the mistake of nominating a displeasingly inactive blogger)

1. Three things you look for in a book?

2. You’re on the Oxford Concise Dictionary Word Choosing Committee (™) Which words do you put through the metaphorical paper shredder?

3. Thoughts on condiments?

4. Last book you read?

5. An unusual hobby?

6. Pet peeves?

7. Thing you are startlingly good at?

8. Favourite unorthodox scent? (Mine is old books or white-out)

9. An unprecedented obsession of yours?

10. Biggest problem with the modern world? (Slow internet, losing the remote, silly bloggers who ask pointless questions etc.)

11. How many books do you usually check out at the library?




1. The Sleepy Booknerd

2. A Mirror Made of Words.  

3. Magic and Writing. 


That is all. Please line up backstage to take photos with myself and two impressive awards. Thank-you for your time today.








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