The Bookshelf Tag

“Answer the following questions about books on your book and then tag five other bloggers. You can answer the questions any way you want, whether it’s on your blog, in a video, or a combination of the two. Then remember to let whoever tagged you know when your post is up so they can read it.”

Thanks Nirvana for tagging me!

First of all, I LOVE tags. They parade as inspiration, when really it’s someone else who came up with the idea. All I have to do is cast my eyes askance to gaze mistily at my bookcase- and WordPress churns out a post. Perfect! 

1. Is there a book that you really want to read but haven’t because you know that it’ll make you cry?

If I Stay by Gayle Foreman seems to come with tear-stains already streaked down the cover. The trailer for the movie adaption doesn’t exactly paint a merry picture. More like one of Death! Destruction! Heart-ache! Pain!

2. Pick one book that helped introduce you to a new genre?

If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch taught me that not every contemporary book is a heaping together of displeasing characters and petty problems (e.g Oh no! Five guys want to take me to the dance! Who do I choose! and then the issue is drawn out for a mind-numbing 300 pages.) 

3. Find a book that you want to reread.

Inkspell, from the Inkheart series. No matter how much I love that series, I can’t remember a single detail from the book. Except that the main character goes inside another book- but that amount of detail isn’t nearly adequate considering there are something like 400 pages in that book. 

4. Is there a book series you read but wish that you hadn’t?

Nope! I wouldn’t waste space on my library card or money from the piggy bank if it was half rate!

5. If your house was burning down and all of your family and pets were safe, which book would you go back inside to save?

Oh, geez. Probably all my library books, as the local librarian is such irritable crone that she would yell at me. Even if I said in my sweetest voice, ‘But my house burnt down!’ She needs some people skills. 

6. Is there one book on your bookshelf that brings back fond memories?

Every Harry Potter book has some small fragment of memory woven into it’s pages. I encountered so many memories while reading them, that it was hard to keep them from spilling out. 

7. Find a book that has inspired you the most.

If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch, because one can’t be exposed to that much beauty without absorbing even a little bit of it. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, because it reminded me of the fragility of everything. And the Lord of the Rings! Because I couldn’t go a whole book tag without mentioning the book that so shamelessly parades itself on my bookshelf. But the most inspiring is This Star Won’t Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Earl. 

8. Do you have any autographed books?

No. I’ve only met a published author once in my whole life. And that didn’t count because it wasn’t in an author context. 

9. Find the book that you have owned the longest. 

Harriet the Hampster Fairy. Stop giggling. It’s rude

10. Is there a book by an author that you never imagined you would read or enjoy?

Not particularly, no. I wouldn’t take a chance when purchasing, but you would certainly find some if you looked back in my library card’s borrowing history. 

Sorry (again) for the curt nature of this post. I will endeavour to get underway on that thinky essay soon! And you can help by posting ideas in the comment box below… hint hint. 

Feel free to do this tag on your own blog!



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