Four Authors I’d Like To Meet



1. I’m going to submit to clichè here, and add J.K Rowling. She is the author that sculpted the small dregs of bookworm-ship left in my soul by the Rainbow Fairies series into the intense bookishness it is today. I really don’t remember reading anything but Rainbow Fairy books before the Harry Potter series, and if I did, they were blown right out of my memory by the sheer greatness of these books. If nothing else, I would like to thank this woman for introducing me to fantasy, for igniting my love of reading, and for getting me (slowly) into writing my own stuff, after I began to shamelessly write Harry Potter fanfiction. Also, I could pester her into writing more young adult books. And to be that annoying person who says, I got my picture taken with J.K Rowling! and waves the picture in the face of everyone I meet in the street.

2. Esther Earl, and yes, she does count! Her diaries were published posthumously, so as well as being a real, live author (well, if we could bridge the gap between living and dead to meet her right now, she would be a decaying, dead author) Esther is a Harry Potter fan (I look for this in a friend) nerdy (a good conversation starter) friendly (this helps) and all round very awesome.

3. J.R.R Tolkien, if only so I can ask him how to pronounce half of the names in his books. And encourage him to keep writing. He knew so much about Middle-Earth that wasn’t put in his books, and I want to know too! The only inevitable barrier in my quest to meet Tolkien, however, is that he is lying somewhere underground, gracefully decomposing. His rising to meet me could initiate the zombie apocalypse, and I don’t want that responsibility on my shoulders.

4. John Green is probably the author I would most like to meet. Not only is he a decent author, but as a proud and obsessive nerdfighter, John (or Hank) is the holy grail of people-to-meet. Funny, and geeky, I’m sure we wouldn;t run out of things to say. If we did, I could pester him to write more. Admittedly, I would prefer to meet Hank (Harry Potter fan!) but since he has never published a book, he can’t be on this list. Sigh. But I can plaster a picture of me and John’s face all over the internet, and make people jealous!



Sorry for such a short post! I am a vile, vile person.  I will endeavor to write something longer soon. Perhaps I should use one of my own ideas from the post ’20 Book Blog Post Ideas’.

What authors would you like to meet? Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.22.36 PM


8 responses to “Four Authors I’d Like To Meet

  1. The author of the lunar chronicles I have a theory about Princess Snow I want confirmed and Steig Lawson I want to know how he would have finished the Milliniem trilogy had he lived.

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