Ode to A Pair of Brown Eyes: A Poem

I wrote prolifically last night, ready for the RYPA 2014 poetry competition that our school creative writing group is entering this year. I was particularly fond of this poem about eyes, and in lieu of a better post, here it is. I wrote it free verse at 10pm last night, so it is long and unfurling, written stream of conscious, but I hope you enjoy it.

firefly eyes.

her eyes

were like

terms and


long and

rambling and




sweeping vistas

of silky

brown, chattering, 

pulsing, beating,

with a

cheeky gold 

slicing through

the iris, 

like a 


and her

eyes ached

with a 

tawny light,

like a candle,

and he lost

himself, swimming

in an infinite haze

of mystery

and warmth,

inside those

laughing, brown

eyes, holding

more meanings

than a dictionary.

they were not

the lustrous

brown of

chocolate, nor

the deep

foggy brown

of Autumn,

but a 

forgiving brown,

the colour 

of an aged


alight with

laughter and

sobbing and

flashes like 

fairy lights.

metallic glints

swam through

the iris,

like a school

of vivid

silver fish, 

smears of

melted gold

fed with

smoky tendrils 

of syrupy 


her curious

pair of

eyes were

the daughter

of the sun

and stars, 

brighter than

the stardust

from which 

they were wrought.

and something so 

simple, teased

the air out 

from his lungs,

in a dripping, 

illustrious sigh,

and gravity

had no effect,

when compared,

to her incandescent,

firefly eyes.

they encapsulated

so much

for their

small and 

unremarkable size,

and like

candles, he

felt the

warmth settle

sleepily into

his bones, 

and the light 

turned his cheeks

the pale colour

of dusk, 







*drowns in description*

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.22.36 PM


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