The Internet Has An Answer for Everything…

…including writing problems! We are far past the days of moleskine notebooks, typewriters, and writing hunched over desks lit by the ache of a single, ragged candle. Now we can write wherever we go, with the help of a myriad of apps and websites, easily accessible through iPads, computers, and cellphones. Of course, I’ll always favour library reference books and my notepad, but I find myself giddy with excitement when I stumble upon a new website to wield. I don’t use all of these, but I’ve heard great things about them all!

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For the wordy writer in you. Thsrs allows you to enter a long word- lets use courageous- and gives you a list of shorter synonyms!

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Its a great resource, especially when you need it for a title or even a superhero name! Because I’m infinitely likelier to pick up the The Bold Dragon Rider of Ythrel than The Indomitable Dragon Rider of Ythrel. Even if indomitable is a good word.


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Pretty pictures! Writing tips! Quotes to subliminally stress you into writing more! I went through a phase in which I was addicted to Pinterest; now I can see the logo without vibrating aggressively out of excitement. This website is like one collective nation of inspiring blogs, that has but one postal code; So many pins to pin, so many boards to follow, so many animals to coo over, so much procrastination to be had. Okay, website fangirling over.

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Written? Kitten! is a superb site, despite the obvious hint at procrastination in the title. Yes, its a website that bribes you into writing through cute kitten pictures. No, it is not weird.

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I think they should change the name to Naming The World… One Book Character At A Time. Because all though I don’t use it lots, I know a lot of people do! When you search a name, it gives you an average popularity rate, the meaning, alternate spellings, and the nationality of the name. How else are you going to find the name Xexilia?

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Ink Provoking posts a new writing prompt every Sunday, from the humourous and zany to the reflective and emotional.


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I personally favour the creative well of my brain for conjuring up fantasy names, but my friend Charli uses this a lot. It generates -as the name suggests- fantasy names that you can customise according to race or length, and even if you don’t use the whole thing -they can be quite clumsy on the tongue, or just downright outlandish- you can shorten or personalise them to your hearts content. Maybe Quwarrod is too long, but Warod isn’t. What ever floats your metaphorical boat. 

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One response to “The Internet Has An Answer for Everything…

  1. Lydia, your blog is fantastic! I have devoured every post and laughed out loud as I can hear your voice- your actual voice (not the asttle voice!)
    Keep blogging- you’re a natural.

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